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Client Testimonials

Agreeing to Carly being my personal fitness instructor was the worst mistake of my life; it has cost me a fortune in new clothing as I have lost so much weight, and I am far more conscious of what I eat, so the local pizza delivery drivers don’t say hello anymore.
She is too good at her job and too friendly at the same time to make me stop seeing her!
I used to drive to TKMaxx when I wanted new clothes but now I can run there.

Thank you Carly


Adam - Leatherhead

"I've been training with Carly for about 6 years now and she is excellent. She has improved my fitness level and gives me a varied exercise programme to keep me challenged, motivated and enthusiastic. She has also helped me through knee surgery and enabled me to get back on skis within two months of surgery! She is always upbeat, very positive, reliable, punctual and an absolute pleasure to work with." 


She is also a very good sports massage therapist and has improved my back and shoulder mobility. I consider Carly to be one of the best masseurs to have massaged me to date. I have had massages before in ski resourts (i ski every year) and holidays abroad.

Pam & Philip - Esher

I have been training 3x a week with Carly for over 7 years now. Every session is different each week & personalized to me; varying from boxing, weights, strength, cardio, core, hitt, running, yoga and sometimes a mix of all. I never know what to expect when Carly turns up for each workout with her equipment but I always thoroughly enjoy be trained by her. She pushes me to work hard and to do the exercises I most dislike (the pull up bar!) but we always chat, laugh and I enjoy spending the time with her. Over those 5 years, she has also helped me recover from a broken shoulder and skiing injuries, keeping me fit whilst rehabilitating the injured part.

Carly is always punctual, always upbeat and positive. She encourages you (joining in when you need her to), is very fit herself and is a pleasure to know as a personal trainer, and now a good friend. She is always updating her knowledge & qualifications in the workouts she can teach, as well as adding new fitness equipment to her extensive collection.

However, the true beauty of Carly is that she is not intimidating and will personalize her workout suggestions for you so you are able to achieve your goal at whatever level you are capable of.

Added to that, Carly does a fantastic sports massage for those days when you need a break!.

Thank you Carly.


Helen - Teddington

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